How Have Local Businesses Been Collapsing And Struggling To Feed Their Families?

India is a distinct country filled with wonderful stories of local businesses everywhere. Local businesses and their inspiring journey have always been an integral part of our economy and source…

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Local Stores

How Does Each Order on Delivery Apps Disrupt Business From Some Local Stores?

It is easy to get an online grocery, right? You can order groceries online at any time, anywhere. Isn’t it true that this benefit compels you to shop for groceries…

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dark store

The Local Dark Store and Ghost Kitchen: Never A Part of Your Neighbourhood Ecosystem

Dark businesses and stores are being erected by online delivery applications in various communities and neighbourhoods. That is a strategy to sell you but not to serve you! Online delivery…

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How Are Delivery Apps Killing The Local Businesses?

Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

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Why real communities are better than virtual communities?

Do you feel that you are losing your grip on reality because of social media and the internet? Do you feel unprotected connecting with strangers on social media? Are you…

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OGFood for Digital Marketing For Restaurants

5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Cloud Kitchen Or Homemade Food Startup

Need tips to promote your cloud kitchen services or homemade food startup? This article will help you with marketing ideas for your food delivery business. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic,…

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Yummy Pizza

How Food Delivery Apps Have Changed The Game For Restaurants

Food apps made it more convenient to order food but also created issues for restaurants. Here’s how food delivery apps have changed the game for restaurants. As COVID-19 swept the…

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7 Ways To Make Life Easier For Your Apartment Owners Association (AOA)

Being a member of your Apartment Owners Association (AOA) is not easy. Here are some ways to take the stress out of managing the association of apartment owners. Being a…

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Building Management | HOA Management

The new way to achieve work-life balance for the HOA member.

All HOA members do deserve applause for their efforts and time commitment toward the community because it’s additional responsibility they volunteer for without any expectations in return. Ease the Strain…

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Life at Apartment complex

5 Reasons Why Your Apartment Complex Needs The OlaGate Apartment Management System

Are you planning to use an apartment management system in your housing complex? Learn why your apartment complex needs the OlaGate apartment management system. Gone are the days when we…

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