Delivery Apps Are Disconnecting You and Me From Our Beloved Local Stores

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Online delivery apps are disturbing our organic, happy, win-win relationship with our local stores. We all are part of a wholesome neighborhood in general.

Everything we need for our daily life can be sourced and bought from our community’s local stores. But the crude marketing gimmicks of the delivery apps are luring us to their sales traps. But the value we are losing as customers is very high compared to the short-term gratification, we are enjoying from these delivery apps. 

The initial aim of every delivery app is not to serve customers or communities. Delivery apps enter into the business with a negative aim to disconnect us from our local stores. Do you really think that such fickle-minded apps can serve us to satisfaction? No! 

They are just enjoying our disturbing parting from the organic customer connect and value that our local stores present us. OlaGate is the only organization that is striving and breathing values. It is the ultimate digital platform that aspires to provide you with a richer community experience as well as a stronger interaction with local businesses.

But why and how these delivery apps are disconnecting customers from local stores?

Our Disconnection From Neighborhood is a Business Opportunity by Delivery Apps

Krishna Priya is a 35-year-old cook living in Bangalore. She used to enjoy the local demand her home food cook garnered. She also hired delivery personnel to deliver online orders. But a national-level delivery app has started a cloud kitchen or dark kitchen in the same community. They started spending large amounts on offers and discounts. The neighborhood loves the taste and quality of Krishna Priya but is trapped with the continuous march of discounts and deals. 

The above story resulted in negative outcomes. Krishna Priya is losing her business drastically even though got lots of love and respect. The neighborhood is slipping away from the tasty, healthy delightful experience. The community is losing its glory of offering better growth and experience.

But, one player is unfairly monetizing its growth despite all of these adverse results: Delivery App. Delivery apps are making business at our expense. At the whole community’s expense. This is why delivery apps are immersing themselves in disconnection between the community from its local stores and local businesses

Big Investments and Detailed Marketing Strategies of Delivery Apps Aim To Trap Us!

How does a delivery App disconnect people from Stores? This question is resolved by the delivery applications’ vision and objective.

They source heaps of investments and spend them exclusively on misguiding people in the path away from local stores, authentic customer analytics and customer connect. Direct connection with customers is not possible in delivery apps. They don’t wish to have one either.

Delivery apps enjoy their process of destroying customer connections with their local stores. The direct connection of local businesses is on the verge of extinction these days. This is strategically achieved by misleading discounts, free services, and dumping of many products and services.OlaGate values the service of local stores and promises the best quality consumerism for the entire community. Not everyone thinks and behaves like this. Delivery apps NEVER EVER could believe that. They use technology to destroy your vintage best consumer practices and valuable bonds with your local stores. On the ruins of your precious direct connection with your local stores, delivery apps aim to build businesses. 

Their Customer Analytics Works Against Customers  

The irony is, Delivery apps research and invest in customer analytics. But without honestly sticking and serving them, they use customer analytics to meet their greedy ends. Customer analytics help delivery apps to have a deep insight into behavior, buying patterns, and other online purchasing details. This research-backed customer analytics helps delivery apps lure you and trap you most graciously and easily.

Customer analytics empower delivery apps to trigger customers to fall into their traps. In a way, the customer analytics is working against customers or the delivery apps are using it in such a disheartening way. Direct connection with your seller is becoming a thing of the past. Customer connect is the sole basis that your local businesses depend on. That is why even your local stores started making online deliveries. However, they are subjected to the nefarious practices of delivery apps.

Let Us Go To The Old Days of Best Consumerism in Modern Ways

The only way you can enjoy a great consumer experience is to choose local customers again. Customer connections and customer-centric local businesses present you with great value. So choose them over delivery apps. In making this process simple, OlaGate is here for you. OlaGate is on a mission to make your community life enrich and enhance in great ways in association with your local stores.

Always choose your neighborhood’s local businesses. You will enjoy a wonderfully improved community and personal life.

It is a commitment and assurance made by OlaGate for the togetherness of the neighborhood!

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