Ban the 10-Minute Delivery: Save the Life of Delivery Boys & Someone From Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Safety

Quick commerce is the norm of the day. People who depend on technology and mobiles to order products are increasing day by day. This situation has slowly turned into a big race where big names are trying to grab their share of this instant groceries and deliveries market. It is estimated that India has a close to 600 billion dollars grocery and necessaries retailing market. From Amazon to Reliance Jio, everybody is investing funds to grab their share quickly in this market.

Many delivery apps rose to fame quickly with an unusual but attractive promise. That is – Instant or Quick Delivery in 10 minutes. People who are accustomed to getting things in a short span are finding this even more attractive and fancy. And to make this happen, delivery apps are hiring a group of delivery partners and other personnel. Many temporary office spaces and dark stores are being strategically placed to win the market share and get more customers. 

But in this entire race, delivery boys are suffering physically and mentally to the depths where the recovery is becoming tough and troublesome. Such a polluted, toxic and harmful environment is causing long-term harm to the neighborhood, including everybody living and working.

This is why OlaGate fosters a better and healthier consumeristic culture by local shops to ensure that the community is resilient, happy, and wealthy. But, with each new day, delivery applications make their lives more miserable.

How have 10 minutes delivery services become popular? How harmful is it? Why does it need to be eliminated from our neighborhood? 

Why do Delivery Apps popularize 10 Minutes Delivery Services?

Every customer who orders goods always wishes to get them at the earliest. This anticipation has always been a part of the consumer’s psychological pattern.

With the booming need for instant grocery and retail deliveries, a slew of online delivery platforms has sprouted up in the area. This is because to make the most and seize more markets as quickly as possible with less value for our purchase and groceries delivered in 10 minutes.

Such a profit-making mindset resulted in making many marketing campaigns highlighting just what consumers will be attracted to. 10 minutes delivery of services instant deliveries are the terms that can push consumers to order more. This provides room for the delivery apps to expand their market and penetrate a new vicinity. City life always runs in a hurry and frenzy, and capitalizing on this life, delivery apps are looking to sign in new customers selling the “10 minutes deliver” or “Instant delivery” as their unique selling proposition. 

But this is leading to a looming epidemic of disturbing delivery partners’ life and the entire neighborhood and surroundings. The downside and the harsh reality of the fancy 10-min grocery delivery will surely send chills down your spine.

Delivery Apps Are Betting Delivery Boys Lives To Make More Profits

Reuters recently interviewed many delivery personnel from almost all of the delivery apps that are selling the 10 minutes delivery services and instant delivery.

Reuters interviewed almost 13 drivers from Mumbai, Gurugram, and New Delhi working for the instant delivery and 10 min delivery company. They complained that they often face pressure to meet the ridiculous delivery deadlines and this resulted in speeding often. Drivers said that they always drive at high speed to not be rebuked by the store managers.

“We get five to six minutes and I feel tense and fear for my life,” said one of their driver, who sought anonymity. He preferred obscurity since he was already feeling the heat from his employer. The list of agony, misery, and delivery accidents is endless.

This shed light on the suffering, harsh and harmful environment that delivery partners live day in and day out. With the risk of losing their job or getting heat from their employers, all of them sought anonymity; they are constantly living in fear. This shows the dictatorship and disrespectful work culture these delivery partners are surviving to make meagre money.

Mumbai’s instant delivery app riders interviewed by Reuters have a WhatsApp group where they vent their daily frustration saga of their employer.  A rider’s pictures posted after a deadly rush accident was shared over WhatsApp after which, “Ban the 10-minute delivery”, angered one user. The concerns reflect the dark side of India’s booming gig economy, in which workers often say they feel short-changed or battle tough working conditions.

Many drivers have been involved in broken bones, bloody and life-risking delivery accidents. Delivery partners have their WhatsApp group. And daily, many painful, teary events and accidents they have suffered are being shared. But the majority of their complaints and sufferings are left unheard. In such a toxicity-filled environment, delivery partners cannot find a validated ground for their safety and better earnings.

OlaGate is aware of the endless painful saga of the delivery partners. OlaGate is striving to reimagine the future of local businesses in the Indian economy, freeing us from the clutches of delivery apps. It creates a safe and rewarding livelihood for delivery partners while never jeopardizing the superior value addition to consumers and serving as a solid foundation for local businesses.

Why is Banning 10-MIN GROCERY DELIVERY Services essential for Everyone’s Safety & Wellbeing?

Do you want to push delivery partners’ lives at risk? Can you enjoy the retail products that are stained by blood and unvalued sweat of the delivery partners?

Many people who are looking for employment in some way, are staking their lives for small wages. If these 10 minutes delivery services continue and if you are choosing such services, you are indirectly prolonging the delivery apps’ toxic behavior by making groceries delivered in 10 minutes.

Not only them, but such haste and hurried delivery services are also costing many innocent lives. Kids, pedestrians, elderly people, and many hard-working daily laborers are succumbing to the delivery accidents courtesy: quick delivery and 10 minutes delivery services.

Neighborhood and its people are never safe, along with the delivery partners involved. Do you want your kids and your lives to be at constant risk of a serious injury and grave accident? Can’t we live in a safe and pleasant community and environment? If we encourage 10 minutes delivery and delivery apps, then we may not be safe.

Delivery apps are setting up many dark stores in the neighborhood. They are bringing the goods, packing them, labeling them, and forcing their delivery partners to deliver them immediately. If the delivery takes more time, delivery partners suffer from their wages and job insecurity.

Such terrorizing business atmosphere is making delivery partners obey their rules. But the result is painful and harmful delivery accidents that leave scars on the lives of the delivery partners and their families. Many delivery partners are feared for their lives, security, and safety. But the incentives and the price are too heavy. Do you think that such a no incentive, life-risking fantasy service of 10 minutes delivery service should exist? If this exists, don’t you think that your very neighborhood’s people are getting into life-threatening work environments? Is it advisable?

Let’s Make a Pledge to Save People’s Lives and Choose Local Stores!

No delivery partners should lose their lives, and this 10 minutes service should impact no families. No kids, no family, and no one in our community should suffer for the ruthless profit-making behavior of delivery apps.

Every worker, every family, every kid, and all of us should get a safe, duly credited, nurtured, and valued life in our locality. In this process, our neighborhood should cherish the fruits of good consumerism and a better standard of living. This happens if the local stores are encouraged completely, and delivery partners have safe delivery jobs. This happens when the 10 minutes delivery is completely banned.

OlaGate is envisioning such a fruitful and prosperous locality where delivery partners are safe and satisfied, consumers are delighted, local stores are growing, and the entire neighborhood is enriching.

This is very important for a great life ahead against every possible problem that the future may subject us to.  

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