Indian Startup Market Reality Check for NRI & foreign founders & investors.

I just concluded a 7-month journey in India, my longest stay since leaving the country 18 years ago. The purpose was to work closely with the team and grow my…

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Food Business Growth Hack

A Clever Approach: Using Delivery Apps to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business

In today’s digital age, many food business owners have turned to delivery apps to expand their reach. These apps have made it easier to connect with a broader customer base….

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Housing Society Accounting

A Comparative Analysis of the Double Verification Ledger System and the Maker-Checker Model

Efficient society management requires robust financial controls and systems that promote transparency and accuracy. Two widely adopted approaches in housing society management are the Double Verification Ledger System and the…

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Society Accounting

Strengthening Society Management: The Double Verification Ledger System.

In today’s fast-paced world, managing housing society affairs efficiently is a demanding task. To address the challenges of complex transactions and ensure financial accuracy, many housing societies are adopting innovative…

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Enhancing Neighborhood Living with Open OGCare: Your Gateway to Local Services

Living in a vibrant neighborhood is a dream for many, where the sense of community and local support are cherished. Yet, finding reliable and convenient local services can sometimes be…

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How OGFood Helps Small Food Businesses Go Online and Grow

Are you a small restaurant owner, cloud kitchen operator, cafe owner, or snack center manager looking to expand your food business? Then you’ll want to check out OGFood, the all-in-one restaurant…

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OGFood Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs: The Key to Growing Your Small or Medium Food Business

If you own a small or medium food business, you know that it’s a constant challenge to attract new customers and retain existing ones. In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial…

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Finding Your Co-Founder

Finding Your Co-Founder: Why Arranged Marriages Don’t Work in Startups

Ask a single parent how hard it is to raise a child all alone & get them on right track. Raising a child is a big responsibility, there are so…

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Are you compromising on your brand & business, for the sake of easy orders?

The Pitfalls of Delivery Apps for Restaurant Owners In the age of delivery apps, restaurant owners face a variety of pitfalls that can have a major impact on their business….

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Startup Parenting - Nurturing the Seed

Nurturing the Seed: How Parenting and Startup Building Share the Same Vision & Mission.

Finding Purpose in Parenting and Entrepreneurship As a founder, you are likely driven by a desire to address a particular cause or concern, one that resonates with your personal experience,…

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