How Is the Safety and Life of the Delivery Boy Risked by a 10-Minute or Instant Delivery?

Delivery Accidents

Delivery Apps are garnering attention and promotion because of their advantage of delivering orders to our doors. To attract more customers, they are claiming a new “10 Minutes/Instant Delivery” concept. The concept of super-fast delivery is primarily one of the marketing gimmicks to lure more customers. This imposes an excessive stress on delivery personnel and compels them to drive hastily, compromising their safety and lives.

But no one is realizing the deadly and dark side to this glorified advantage that delivery apps are rubbing on our purchasing behavior and lifestyle. Apart from the usual “Quick Delivery” and “Timely Delivery” claims, delivery apps are marketing themselves with “10 Minutes Delivery of orders” – A New Claim, but is it worth it?

Instant deliveries are the mantra that present delivery apps have undertaken as an oath and claim to fulfill it at any cost. But the cost is too high, painful, deadly and impacting many Indian families. And these new claims of delivery apps contribute a fair share to the accidents. 

Is Instant Delivery advantageous for us, or is it a myth to be debunked? Even if it’s an advantage and helpful, do we need to encourage it at the cost of a safe and secure life? Why are delivery apps using “Instant Delivery” or “Delivery in 10 Minutes” to market themselves? How are such short-sighted start-ups pushing Indian people into a danger zone and misleading frenzy consumerism? How delivery apps” claims of “Delivery of orders in 10 Minutes”, “Instant Delivery” are malevolent to our neighborhood and Country? Let’s analyze this deeply affecting problem in every way.

Delivery Apps Are Using “10 Minutes Delivery” As USP and Marketing Themselves!

Indian roads and traffic are undivided by each other. Traffic, busy streets, vast mixtures of various vehicles and pedestrians and the endless stories of potholes – all of them cause a loomingly disturbing problem for our lives and Indian roads.

Roads are a sensitive place that, if not dealt with carefully and holistically, can cost many lives, impacting many families. This is not any individual’s issue; this is a severe problem for every one of us. But to those fantasy living delivery app companies, this seems never to bother them. And this mindset is devastating to our community, our life, and the entire Indian society.

It has become a trend for the delivery apps these days to market themselves as “fastest delivering apps”. There’s a big marketing strategy behind these marketing tactics. Online delivery apps know that consumers wish to get orders quickly. And to make this more attractive, they are trying to push the limits of delivery guys. They are making it harder for delivery guys just to make more profits.

Delivery applications are jeopardizing the life of delivery people by enforcing undesired and needless limitations. Adding more to this already challenging working environment, to earn better, delivery workers need to deliver more in less time. This forced situation gives delivery apps an unfair opportunity to claim “Instant Delivery and 10 Minutes Deliver” Slogans in marketing. But these futile and self-centered marketing strategies are costing delivery workers their lives, more importantly, their families’ well-being and security.

Express Delivery in India and the Painful Delivery Accident

Mahesh, a delivery guy for a company, recently bloomed an online delivery app. During the initial days, like many others, he was promised better pay and chances to grow. But with time, he sensed that if he needed to earn better, he needed to deliver more orders in less time. He was forced into a situation where he was required to provide many orders within a short period. Just because his situation has changed doesn’t present him with better roads and environment, right?

He is still driving on busy, pothole-filled and accident-prone roads that he is always using. On such a notoriously busy day in the bustling city of Bangalore, he tried to push himself to deliver more orders to many customers within a short span. But the result is bloody, bruised and filled with broken bones.

He met with an accident that not only disturbed his life but also the families.

In a daily race of delivery, such stories are sadly happening every day and seemingly endlessly occurring to our dismay.

Consumers are placing orders based on marketing strategies and targeted 10 Minutes delivery propaganda. Many delivery apps follow this disturbing trend to get more customers on board. But in their battle to get more customers, they are sacrificing the lives and safety of their innocent delivery personnel who are looking to just make their livelihood through delivering orders.

Indian roads, whether cities or towns, are not speedways. There are many speed restrictions, accident-prone, school zones, and other safety zone warnings everywhere. The mixture of motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians is always present. In such a diversified, and sensitive environment, 10 minutes of delivery service come at some grave cost.

Unfortunately, a delivery mishap resulting in death during a simple Instant grocery delivery can have such a high cost at times.

Instant Groceries Deliveries Are Presenting Hard Workers With Broken Bones and Shattered Dreams

Delivery partners carry varied goods from FMCG to vegetables to daily supplies. Managing their weight, handling them with delicate care, and delivering within a short period is not an easy task to pull off. Besides, roads are always distracting and disturbing. From people to the weather, there are a plethora of issues that can affect the situations on roads. In a volatile environment, Instant groceries or 10 Minutes delivery services of goods can always cause a serious case of a delivery accident. 

Metropolitan cities are always busy, and people are always in a hurry. To capitalize on the hurried life of people, delivery apps are showering Instant groceries delivery offers. But they are pushing the lives of delivery personnel online to make profits.

More orders mean more weight carriage, more distance to cover, but time is always insufficient. So this is making delivery partners take unethical steps sometimes like wrong routes, Evading U-turns in the middle of the road, driving on pedestrian paths, and many more. These are causing serious accidents and affecting the lives of people.

Ordinary people live in constant fear of possible accidents, all thanks to the fickle-minded delivery apps. Where can you and I get value and a good life in such a toxic delivery app-filled ecosystem and society? It is a definite nightmare to avoid permanently.

Do We Need Such a Disturbing, Disrespectful, and Deadly Advantage?

Delivery apps are forced to make instant groceries delivery or 10 minutes delivery services, leading to accidents and broken bones. Lured by the temporary light of more money, they are permanently pushing themselves and their loved ones into an endless abyss of darkness.

But many are disturbing, following the same harmful delivery methods without thinking about the consequences of the delivery accident and painful broken bones and lives. But this is only and only because of their employers, Delivery apps. Delivery apps are not paying well, and to increase their pay delivery partners need to adhere to the terms, conditions and rules of the delivery apps. 10 minutes delivery for instant groceries services in a short time are among such rules. Delivery personnel are helpless in front of investment-backed delivery apps.

Let’s Stop This Life-Threatening Trend and Support Local Shops for Instant Need With OlaGate

Do we need such bloodshed instant groceries delivery and broken bones resulted in 10 minutes delivery services? No, we do not.

We should not encourage such events. Can we avoid the happening of a delivery accident or broken bones from here on in any way? Yes, we can. We should stop falling for the evil marketing plans and strategies of the delivery apps and stop supporting them permanently.

Let’s order online from our neighborhood’s local stores and support local shops. OlaGate is a pragmatic platform to connect with your neighborhood and people via N easy-to-use app. If you can get ultra-fast deliveries from your local shops and stores then what is the need of menacing the life of a delivery boy? With this vision, OlaGate is striving to make a healthy, restorative, and intercommunicating neighborhood and community.

Let’s not support delivery apps that are pushing everyone into trouble. Slowly this will help delivery partners to choose safe livelihood opportunities. Let’s not fall for instant groceries or 10 minutes delivery services ads anymore. Let’s stop delivery accidents and broken bones – lives of the delivery personnel.

With OlaGate, let us take this step toward a peaceful, cheerful, and safe community where everyone is protected, secure, and prosperous.

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