OGFood: A Boon For the Food Business

OGFood is associated with the OlaGate app. It was designed purposefully to boost hotel businesses and provide direct and easy service to the customers. It is beneficial to hoteliers as well as customers. 

As we know, there are a lot of online food delivery companies running on the internet. And nearly all of them make their revenue by the commission they get on each order. 

Often, the restaurant owner or hotel owner doesn’t make much profit by doing business with such an online food delivery company. Still, out of choice, he/she somehow manages to be with them because something is better than nothing. 

If you too are into the hotel or restaurant business, running a small or big snacks center, or running a tiffin service, then OG Food is the best option for you. 

How? Let me walk you through a few essential tips,

Boosting Your Food Business 

If you are in the hotel or the restaurant business, your prime motive will be to get your business done with a maximum profit margin at the end of the day. There are few things you should follow to boost your hoteling business. 

  • You are making an internet presence of your business.
  • Make sure it will be updated from time to time.
  • Showcase your online orders and payments.
  • Assure on-time delivery through the chain of delivery persons.
  • Market your business efficiently with professional content & links.

These are the primary and essential tips anyone must follow in today’s digital era. Because in India, the number of internet users is growing consistently. And it could be an advantage for any business if it plays wisely. 

To tackle this thing, we have launched the OGFood, where you need to register your hotel/restaurant/tiffin service with the menu card and few basic details once it got recorded by a few simple steps. 

Then all the care will be taken by it to boost your business and reach the proper customers. This app could be a boon for any hoteling or food business to grow it at zero investment and minimum commission. 

How Does OGFood Works? 

You might be having few questions regarding the functioning of the OGFood. If you have so, then read the following information to get your doubts clear about the OGFood. 

OGFood helps to Get your hotel, restaurant, cloud kitchen, Dhaba, snacks center of any size up & running online, at a fraction of that cost you paying to food delivery apps. In a few clicks, register yourself, set up your menu & get it online.

Getting On OGFood Will Help You In The Following Way,

  • Get rid of per order commission & increase your profit.
  • Get a personalized page with your customized menu.
  • Reach out to more customers with a sharable link.
  • Get orders online, right on your phone.
  • Get payment online.
  • Connect with customers in one click.
  • Offer No-Touch pickup/delivery service.

You get all this at very minimal fixed monthly subscription fees, no per-order commission at all.

As you can see, the number of benefits anyone can leverage once he/she registers his/her business with the OGFood. It is the simplest way to grow your hotel or the food business within a short period. 

OGFood will reduce the other expenses of your business to sustain it on the internet. And you don’t have to pay anything to promote your business—all you need to register with OGFood. 

Once you register your business with the OGFood, it’s straightforward to manage your business on the OGFood app. Let’s see how they have made it so simpler to operate by any businessmen. 

OGFood Comes With A Dedicated App & Dashboard

OGFood App Offers different views and access based on role & department so that you as a business owner can manage your shop or business with much ease on the app. In the manager or owner dashboard, you will be able to see the following way, and you will be able to do many things. 

Manager/Owner View:

  • Setup & Organize Menu. 
  • Manage Addon, suggested item list.
  • It Manages Prices, Discount & Offers.
  • View Active Order list.
  • View Order, Customer & Delivery Details.
  • Manage phone orders.
  • Manage & Keep track of Orders.
  • Manage your team.

Security & Front desk View: 

  • Check-In the customer & notify the floor team
  • Second Page / Back Page

You can see the things you can control and manage on your OGFood once got registered with it. It will provide you a complete setup to run your business online without investing any money.  

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  1. Awesome. This is the best alternative for many to get online and get rid of hefty commission to delivery services out there.

    1. Thank you for the valuable feedback. Our Motive is to make customer happy without any middleman in between.

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