What Is The Resident Welfare Association (RWA)?

Resident welfare association is also known as RWA. the Societies registration act regulates it. 1960.

RWA is a body created to perform and organize rules and regulations within any living society. Many times we can witness the more minor problems that can be hectic enough to disturb your life. So in such a case, RWA takes care of any issue or complaints. 

RWA consist of seven peoples generally. But it is a registered body under the government act. So the body members cant behave as per their will. The voting process will elect these members by the registered society members. 

This body of members of RWA consists of a president who is responsible for anything related to the RWA. RWA has to take care of various topics, including drainage, water supply, damaged roads, gardens, events within society, and many more. 

So you can understand how important a role RWA plays. Further, we will discuss some more information about the RWA.

Role Of Resident Welfare Association And Its Members

As mentioned above, the RWA has a president. But along with that, what are the other roles and designation to construct a body of RWA.

These are the following position bearers of any resident welfare association body. 

President Of Resident Welfare Association 

President can be anyone. No gender or class is required for this role. The only criteria are society members should elect him/her. 


Being head of the RWA body, he has the responsibilities to carry out. 

  • He is the chairman of all the society meetings. And he can decide the further direction for anything related to RWA. 
  • A president can vote if it becomes tie in any election of the member. That means he can make the deciding vote. 
  • President has to supervise the work done by the RWA body and members related to it. 
  • He/she can even operate and take control of the bank account of the social fund. 

Vice President 

The Vice president will work as a president in the absence of the president. A vice president is in the second position of the hierarchy of RWA. 


  • he/she has to assist and help the president in their duties. 
  • President can hand over him any other commitments too. 

General Secretary 

The General secretary is also an essential role in managing the functionalities of the RWA body. 


  • General secretaries primary role is to represent his society in the public or social sector 
  • he/she will be responsible for keeping records of members and the RWA body 
  • he/she too can operate the bank account of society. 


Secretary plays the role of general secretary in his/her absence. He/she is expected to be connected with the members and peoples of the society. 

Secretary is the representative of the society members. He/she plays the role of mediator among the RWA body and the society members.


The treasurer is the person who keeps watching on all the financial-related things of the social fund. Along with that, he has to follow few things. 


  • he/she has to collect the fund, donations, gifts, and other finance-related things from the general public living n society. 
  • He/she is responsible for managing the records of expenses, investment, selling, or buying the social fund. 
  • Treasure is the handler of the bank account of society fund. 

Executive Members 

  • Executive members are supposed to assist in the day-to-day activities of the RWA. They are also registered members of society, so they have responsibilities to functional the work of RWA. 

This is how the body of RWA’s is constructed. We have seen all the designation and their responsibilities. This is how you can form RWA in your society. Further, we will check out some more information related to the RWA. 

Frequently Asked Questions About RWA

Many peoples have lots of questions and confusion about the RWA. in this session we tried to cover the few FAOs regarding the resident welfare association. 

How The Members Of RWA Selected?

  • The governing body members are elected by voting amongst the general members of the society. Generally, it is done by raising hands in a public meeting. And if it got stuck in the tie position then-president does the final voting. So all the members need including contestants and voters, need to be registered members of the society. No outsider can take part in this process. 

Is RWA Mandatory For Societies?

  • Yes. According to Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, it is compulsory and mandatory to form a resident welfare association within the society. 

It is the responsibility of the builder to form such a governing body. And if he doesn’t, then all the owners of the houses/flats can togetherly create such a body. Every legal resident has the right to ask about the RWA. 

How Can One Sue RWA?

  • There are many complaints about the monopoly of RWA that has been registered in recent years. Often, RWA members impose a few extreme conditions or funds on the residents living in the society. 

Many times people don’t ask the question, and hence the chances of corruption increase. But always remember that anyone can sue the RWA in court or file a complaint against them. 

RWA can be sue in the name of the president, and this process goes as per the law of the housing society act. 

Where To Registered Complaints Against RWA Or Member Associate To It? 

  • As we discuss above that RWA can be sue. But where exactly can you register a complaint against it? And the answer is your nearest police station. Yes, you can write a complaint against RWA at the nearest police station. 

If the police are not taking proper action against RWA members, you directly register your complaint to the magistrate. As a citizen, you have the absolute right to fight against them legally. 

What Can RWA Do? 

RWA posses a lot of power. It is an association for society, and it takes care of the thing related to the community.

It can decide the amount of the fund for all the citizens living in the society; it can terminate the membership of the residents; it is an official body of the community, so it has to face any legal or illegal issue with the authority. RWA has to work as a mediator amongst the citizens living in the society. 


We have discussed RWA and related terms with FAQs in this article. RWA is meant to be for the welfare of the residents. Every citizen living in the society must be aware of his/her rights regarding RWA and its associated members.

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