The Significance of ERP Accounting Features Among Homeowners/Residents

ERP Accounting for Homeowners & Residents

OlaGate is made to bring the neighbourhood and the residents together for a holistic growing opportunity. Every feature it has is carefully created to tweak and enhance the growth opportunity of residents as well as the board. Everyone in the neighbourhood has to come together and strive to have a good neighbourhood. OlaGate understands the importance of collective forwardness. In this regard, the ERP Accounting feature of the OlaGate has implications for the residents as well.

Residents can also effectively use the ERP Accounting feature in the OlaGate app. Receiving invoices, getting pdfs of bills, being aware of society’s transparent activities or the board, etc. are all possible with the ERP Accounting feature. This is one comprehensive attribute made to take care of the residents’ needs and encourage them to have a proper relationship with the board so that the entire neighbourhood can turn into one wholesome and empowering ecosystem.

ERP Accounting Feature – Homeowners/Resident’s View

ERP Accounting feature even exists for both the board and the residents; the layout and functionalities they have are different from each other. The Resident’s view of the ERP Accounting feature is different from the board’s view. This is because the needs and expectations of the residents are different from that of the board. The following are the functions and aspects of the ERP Accounting – Resident’s view.

In-App Property Ledger

You need not wait to get the data from here onwards. OlaGate helps you to have real-time access to the entire data of your property at your fingertips as and when you deem the need. Data of a property involves various aspects like bills, invoices etc. OlaGate’s ERP Accounting helps in clearly accessing, managing, and properly viewing all the necessary details of your property. This online feature is a technological revolution that OlaGate brought in to cater for the needs of the residents living in a neighbourhood.

Making Bill Payments – Even Bulk Payments As Well

There are many bill payments that residents have to make in general concerning the neighbourhood they are living in. Maintenance bills, other payments and invoices of the community or society board a resident is part of can be paid through the ERP Accounting feature of the OlaGate. In addition, residents can access the soft copy of the bills and invoices as and when they want to access and look. ERP Accounting helps in maintaining a transparent relationship without the bill maintenance disturbing the bond that people share in the neighbourhood.

Homeowner/Resident Payments

You as a resident can make timely payments and get the concrete details of the same through the OlaGate app. All the payments that residents need to make can be duly made through the app. Necessary bills or invoices are provided for the same through the OlaGate app as per the Residents’ wishes. Different payment methods are made available here like UPIs, internet banking etc. If the payment is through a gateway, a nominal fee is charged.

Real-Time Updates

As the system is completely empowered in real-time, every possible update and notification are duly made and updated in real-time. So the residents can only have the up to date information and details concerning their transactions and payments with the board in the neighbourhood.

Decomposition of Bills – Transactions

Every resident can be able to create a connection between the transactions involved and the bills that were raised. This paves the way for better management, maintenance and cross-verification for authenticity in the later period.

Invoice and Bill Download in The App

You can always access your bills and invoices as and when you need them with the OlaGate. Your mobile number and email details are entered in the app. Due to this, you can download the bills and invoices and access them through the mobile as and when you want to have a copy of the same.

History of Transactions – Bills & Invoices

OlaGate not just supports bill payments and invoice payments. You, as a resident, can view all the transaction details and the history of the bills and invoices you have received under the capacity of the resident. Real-time clear viewing and introspection of bills, invoices and pdf downloads are possible with the OlaGate. This transactional history accessibility is a very helpful function for a trustworthy long term association in the neighbourhood with the boards by the residents.

ERP Accounting Feature Empowers Homeowner/Resident For a Better Lifestyle in The Neighbourhood

OlaGate’s ERP Accounting feature is just the power-up those residents need to have a better relationship with the boards and societies they are a part of. This feature eases the livelihood and creates trust, honesty, and transparency between the residents and the boards. When everyone in the neighbourhood shares a beautiful bond based on transparency, accountability and diligent care, then the entire neighbourhood becomes an empowering ecosystem where growth is a common promise.

OlaGate Presents Great Connectivity, So Great Neighbourhood is a Sure Possibility

OlaGate has a wide spectrum of features covering different aspects of the neighbourhood needs. From the online ordering of local businesses and services to online bill payments, from receipt downloads to ERP Accounting – OlaGate has every feature that individuals, local businesses, apartments and societies need in the community and neighbourhood.

Every feature is carefully created to answer all the requirements that a community needs. Community and people living in it in different capacities need an interconnected real-time powered network. A network that answers every necessity arising in them. In this way, OlaGate is just the right power-up for your neighbourhood needs.

Start using the OlaGate and you will appreciate the efficiency and effectiveness that it operates in the community and the way it blends in every last resource in the neighbourhood for the collective betterment of everyone living in the society. People living in a space together definitely connect and depend on each other in some way or another. OlaGate makes this process seamlessly simple and powering up.

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