Happy Neighbors

Why need to start measuring the neighborhood happiness index?

We have been living in a technology boom and a crazy, social media world. The reality is that even though we are connected with people thousands of miles away, the…

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ERP Accounting for Homeowners & Residents

The Significance of ERP Accounting Features Among Homeowners/Residents

OlaGate is made to bring the neighbourhood and the residents together for a holistic growing opportunity. Every feature it has is carefully created to tweak and enhance the growth opportunity…

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ERP Accounting for HOA/RWA

Importance of ERP Accounting Feature Concerning RWA/HOA Board

Accounting, auditing, and record-keeping are important in every aspect, not just in business. In a neighbourhood, in a society, or apartment, every penny should be recorded and accounted for transparently….

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Why real communities are better than virtual communities?

Do you feel that you are losing your grip on reality because of social media and the internet? Do you feel unprotected connecting with strangers on social media? Are you…

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Building Management | HOA Management

The new way to achieve work-life balance for the HOA member.

All HOA members do deserve applause for their efforts and time commitment toward the community because it’s additional responsibility they volunteer for without any expectations in return. Ease the Strain…

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Challenges of Property Managers

Contrary to what many people believe, property management is one of the most challenging jobs. You’ll have to deal with unruly tenants, unexpected maintenance problems, HOA rules, and sometimes uncooperative…

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